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How to earn Bitcoins from the faucets

Besides playing The Bitles videogame, there is another way to earn free Bitcoins: using the so-called "faucets". What is a Bitcoin faucet? It is a website which gives you Bitcoins for just solving a CAPTCHA or doing other simple tasks, such as liking a Facebook page.
They usually limit the number of rewards you can receive per day. Some of them reward you at most once per day, some once per hour, etc., it depends on the faucet.
You may ask: why do they give away money, are they crazy? Almost all of those sites have advertising, and the rewards they give are just part of the earnings they get from the ads.
In order to use a faucet, you first need a Bitcoin wallet to put the Bitcoins in. Indeed, a faucet asks you your wallet address either at initial login or the moment you wish to withdraw the coins.
How to get a Bitcoin wallet? As explained better in the Bitcoin section, the easiest way to get one is by creating a free account at or websites. After you have registered there, you can see your wallet's address written on your profile.
Ok, now you have a wallet! So let's try some good faucets we have chosen for you to check out. All of them require you to enter your BTC wallet and solve a CAPTCHA, after then you get a prize and you can see how much time you need to wait before you can get the next prize.
StealThePixels - Earn free BTC,LTC,USD This one lets you even choose whether you want to win Bitcoin or US Dollars or Litecoin (the cousin of Bitcoin, it is a newer Internet money).
This one pays well but can be tricky to use at first sight. The page you will see looks like in the image next to this text. From there you need to click on the "Use FaucetBox" button, as indicated by the blue arrow in the image . Only then you will be asked to put your BTC wallet and solve the captcha, and after you solved it, a button will appear below saying "Collect your coins". Click on it and the reward is yours.
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