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A tribute to a great classic puzzle


The smartest videogamers out there who have tried The Bitles may have felt the smell of one of the best puzzle games ever released: Chu-Chu Rocket by Sega, from year 1999. We loved that game so much! Indeed the puzzle mode in The Bitles is inspired by the Sega's title but it adds some new elements not to be a simple copy-paste of course.

In Chu-Chu Rocket you had to lead some running mice (Chu-Chu) to the rockets by placing arrows on the playfield to make the mice change walking direction, avoiding cats and without falling down in the holes. The Bitles has additional rules on top of the ones above: you are also required to collect a Bitcoin before reaching the exit, and later in the game you have to place also bombs on the playfield to kill the enemies. Also, watch out for broken tiles on which you can walk only once! Lastly, the Bitcoin you collect will be also added to your BTC account, and this is because we love Bitcoin and we wanted to help its ecosystem by giving free BTC to the gamers so that they get to know the currency in a pleasant way.


Chu-Chu Rocket was originally released for the Dreamcast console and then ported to the Game Boy Advance, iOS and Android. Somewhere in the 2015 Sega decided to remove the mobile versions of the game from all app stores, just a few days before we felt nostalgic and we wanted to play it again! And since we don't even own an old Dreamcast or GBA, we had no way to play it.

So we thought "Aha! Chances are that many people like us want to play Chu-Chu Rocket again but cannot do it, so let's make another one ourselves!" That's how The Bitles born. We hope you gamers enjoy it! Please feel free to give us some feedback from the official Forum thread, linked from the top menu. We want to constanly improve to make our next games better, and your suggestions are precious for us.

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