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Important update: version 1.4

We want to let you know that we found a little bug in the old version that won't let you withdraw your Bitcoin earnings.
Please, if you have an old version of the game, get the latest one which has the fix for the withdrawal process issue.

Note: after you update the game, your earnings will still be there, you won't lose them! Don't you worry ;)

And.. good news: so...

How to earn Bitcoins from the faucets

Besides playing The Bitles videogame, there is another way to earn free Bitcoins: using the so-called "faucets". What is a Bitcoin faucet? It is a website which gives you Bitcoins for just solving a CAPTCHA or doing other simple tasks, such as liking a Facebook page.
They usually limit the number of rewards you can receive per day. Some of them reward you at most once per day, some once ...

A tribute to a great classic puzzle


The smartest videogamers out there who have tried The Bitles may have felt the smell of one of the best puzzle games ever released: Chu-Chu Rocket by Sega, from year 1999. We loved that game so much! Indeed the puzzle mode in The Bitles is inspired by the Sega's title but it adds some new elements not to be a simple copy-paste of course.

In Chu...