The Bitles: a Bitcoin videogame


Help The Bitles

Solve intriguing puzzles to help The Bitles get some Bitcoins and reach their home, while avoiding to get caught by evil beasts (Loompas or Krobugs) and paying attention not to fall in the water or lava.

You will earn all the Bitcoins you collect in the Puzzle mode, and you will get daily Bitcoin rewards just to play the game. Enjoy training your brain with a cool 3D game made by Meat Games, a team of Bitcoin enthusiasts and videogame nerds!

Earn Bitcoins Playing Everyday

Everyday you will get a Bitcoin reward if you have just played the game the day before. It doesn't matter if you won or lost!

When you have enough earnings, you can withdraw them to your Bitcoin account. Don't you have a BTC account? Create one for free on one of these sites:,, Coinbase, Bitstamp and many others. Learn more on the Bitcoin section.


Challenge mode

When you are tired of the Puzzle mode, try the Challenge: choose your favorite character and kill the opponent Bitles. You won? Nice. You lost? Who cares, You will still win your Bitcoin reward the day after just because you have played the game!

You can choose from 4 different arenas where you will try the best to survive and kill the enemies by throwing bombs at them, making them fall in the water or lava, leading them to the jaws of some evil Loompa or Krobug.